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What Will You Find in Bangalore City

Bangalore city is one of the most beautiful cities In India. If you are a native, nobody has to tell you that.  Every day, you get to experience the vibrant and charming culture, and the astounding natural and historical monuments that can you cannot find in other Indian cities. Bangalore is truly unique and if you are a tourist, it's the first places in county you'd like to visit. Other cities   have their attractions, but they cannot be as interesting as what Bangalore offers so go here.

A city whose founding dates back to 1537, Bangalore is a sprawling city of 8,443,675 people packed within 274 sq mi. It is the present capital of the Karnataka state. It is Karnataka's economic as well as political center.

What makes Bangalore a must visit for tourists like yourself? Like other of the old cities of India, it is a mixture of the old and the new.  Would you believe that right in the city center is Chokkanathaswamy temple, the oldest of the several structures in Bangadore.  There is also the summer palace of Tipu Sultan, the Bangalore Palace, the Chikkajala, Hejjala and Savanadurga which are pre-historic sites, and there plenty more that could leave you bmarveling at such embarrassment of richness.

While you are getting your fill of historical monuments, walking  the length of the Brigade Road will give a glimpse of the local culture. A truly cosmopolitan city, Bangalore is inhabited by various Indian ethnic and European races that live and work within its boundaries.

Do not get the idea that just because its population is huge, the city has no place where you can relax, breath fresh air and commune with nature.  You can explore the Garden   city, a 100 acre area of huge trees and various species of exotic plants, where   birds hold   singing competitions.   The Garden is not the only nature park the city boasts of. There is also the 25 acre Bannerghatta National Park. Both parks draw thousands of visitors annually.

Tourists always look forward to tasting the food of the places they visit. You won't be disappointed with Bangalore servings. The locals do not take their health lightly. It is the place where you eat to your heart's content since Bangaloreans have affinity for delicious organic food. And then the theater which stages plays in   various languages.

You want to learn more info about Bangalore? You go here and check it out!

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